Visiting a new church can be a little scary and overwhelming. We invite you to explore the options below to make your visit something to look forward to.
We are here because of the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are sinners who have been rescued from sin by Jesus Christ. Though we have different backgrounds, ethnicities, opinions, and personalities, we find commonality in the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We gather each week to worship the one true God revealed in the Bible. We're grateful for the privilege He has given us to worship, live, and serve in our local community.

We rely on God's grace to give us true unity to function together as one body in Jesus Christ, submitted to the Word of God and committed to living that Word out in our daily lives.

Who We Are

Our Spiritual Philosophy

Characterized by grace and truth, Hunters Creek Community Church (H3C) endeavors to actively, faithfully, and truthfully represent The Lord Jesus Christ in Lapeer and its outlying communities.

Our Ministry Philosophy

In obedience to The Lord (Mat. 28:19,20) we labor to share the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:3,4) with our community, our country, and the world by way of local and foreign missionaries.

Our Philosophy of Growth

In an effort to develop God’s people, we purposefully mentor and disciple God’s people according to biblical truth and principles as well as providing opportunities to serve The Lord locally and abroad.


What to Expect

We’ve created this section of our website to give you an idea of who we are and to help make your visit with us a pleasant experience.

We know that choosing a home church is an important decision which can be difficult. You may be looking for a place to develop life-long friendships and relationships, or for Biblically-based messages addressing issues relevant to concerns in your life, or maybe you are looking for a church that has ministries for everyone in your family.


Whatever your purpose, we believe we can be an encouragement to you and your family no matter where you are in life’s journey. If you are looking for a church family, we warmly invite you to join us for one of our services. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and get acquainted.

What to Wear

We like to ask, “what did the 1st Century congregations wear?“ We have a diversity of people attend our services and are thankful for a congregation with a variety of dress. You'll find anything from very casual jeans and t-shirts to polos and slacks to suits. We encourage you to dress comfortably and conducive to your heart’s desire to worship God.


People often say “Children are the future of the Church.” We believe they are part of the church now. Therefore we endeavor to care for them now and also prepare them for future roles. Our philosophy of education is centered on that. From nursery to Jr. Church to Youth Group, we’ve got it covered.

Sunday School—9:15 a.m.

It's easy to say “we’ve got something for everybody.” In a sense we do. Yet, we continually find ages or stages of lives that can be better addressed within our Sunday school program. More than likely though you’ll find a comfortable spot immediately.

Worship Service—10:30 a.m.

We take the worship service very seriously. That's why we intentionally have announcements at the beginning of our service then kick off the worship with a reverential reading of Scripture, followed by several songs - traditional and contemporary (all intended to foster an atmosphere for worship, not drum up emotion) - The conclusion of the service often gives a time of personal response as well as Baptisms, dedications, or other special events as needed.


The sermon is the apex of our service as well as our week. Pastor Dale often says “the 11 o'clock hour is the most important of our week.” The sermon style is Expositional (the systematic bringing out of the meaning of the text). This style causes us to learn the Word as well as be encouraged and challenged by it.

After the Service

We encourage people to enjoy each other's company in the foyer as long as you wish.

Evening Service

In the evening, at 6 p.m., we review the morning message. We’ve found that many learn a great deal more from this time and really enjoy the review.

Meet the Team


Dale Gooding


Pastor Dale is a graduate of Bob Jones University who earned his Masters of Ministry. He previously earned a Bachelor's in Theology from Tabernacle Baptist College. Prior to coming to Hunter’s Creek Community Church in 2019, he served as a Senior Pastor for over 17 years and an additional 10 years as an Assistant Pastor. He also served our country in the United States Army for almost 8 years.

Joel Caminiti

Associate Pastor

Pastor Joel is a graduate of Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. Currently he oversees our music ministries, youth ministries, and is actively interested in congregational care.

What We Believe

Our Philosophy of Ministry
We seek to be Word-driven and Christ-centered.


The Word of God governs our life, and we believe the Bible points to Jesus Christ. The Bible is God's written Word — His communication to us of who He is, what He does, and what He expects of us. The Bible alone holds the authoritative answers to the questions of life and eternity. The written Word is a reflection of the Living Word, Jesus Christ. It is our reliable, sufficient rule for faith and practice.


We seek to be timeless in our message.


Because we believe the gospel is central and that our church life should be governed by the Word of God, we practice expository, Christ-centered preaching. We strive to make our message accessible to everyone, while still preaching the full counsel of God. Our message is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We seek to share this message compassionately with the hurting to make a difference in our community, while also engaging in committed missions efforts throughout the world.


We seek to be relevant in our vision.


We believe that the Bible is relevant and contains everything we need to face the problems of life today. We are ordinary people who submit to the work of God in our hearts to change us to become more like His Son, Jesus. We desire to change, not because we thereby gain favor with God, but because we desire to grow in our love for Him.

Statement of Faith

The Bible
God the Father
The Holy Spirit
Eternal Security
The Church
Future Events
Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage
The Trinity
Jesus Christ
The Ministry & Spiritual Gifts
Sanctity of Human Life

9:15 a.m.—Sunday School
10:30 a.m.—Sunday Morning Service
6:00 p.m.—Sunday Evening Service

2471 Metamora Road
Lapeer, MI 48446


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